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Submissions, position papers and publications


PDF icon. CLOSING THE GAPS IN THE NEW ZEALAND NURSING WORKFORCE Concept Paper: The Nursing Undergraduate Pipeline (PDF, 472 KB)

PDF icon. NETS and CDNM Feedback (PDF, 152 KB)



PDF icon. NETS submission_Qualifications prescribed by NCNZ_Sept2014 (PDF, 458 KB)

PDF icon. NNO report to HWNZ_June 2014 (PDF, 975 KB)

PDF icon. Annual Report NCNZ_ Submission NETS April 2014 (PDF, 783 KB)



PDF icon. NETS Submssion SSO_October2013 (PDF, 373 KB)

PDF icon. NETS_NCNZ Prescribing Submission_April2013 (PDF, 362 KB)



PDF icon. NETS & CDNM Submission Medicines Amendment Bill (PDF, 79 KB)

PDF icon. NETS reponse to NCNZ Draft code of conduct (PDF, 395 KB)

PDF icon. Social Media and Nursing Profession (PDF, 876 KB)

PDF icon. NETS Submission NZQA (PDF, 197 KB)

PDF icon. NETS submission to NCNZ IQN consultation (PDF, 420 KB)



PDF icon. NETS Response to proposal that Traditional Chinese Medicine Become a Regulated Profession under the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003 (PDF, 321 KB)

PDF icon. NETS Response to Nursing Council of New Zealand Consultation on Guidelines for Professional Boundaries (PDF, 338 KB)

PDF icon. HWNZ Draft Prioritisation criteria-NETS & CDNM(NZ) (PDF, 287 KB)

PDF icon. National Nursing Organisation (NNO) Glossary of terms_2011 (PDF, 507 KB)

PDF icon. NETSResponse_NZNO_VisionforNursing_v2_Feb2011 (PDF, 342 KB)

PDF icon. NETS Submission NCNZ Proposed Fee Changes_2011 (PDF, 320 KB)



PDF icon. NETS_submission_Delegation and Direction (PDF, 335 KB)

PDF icon. NETS_submission_NPAC_trainingprogramme_Nov10 (PDF, 297 KB)

PDF icon. Consultation on Guideline for Competence Assessment Nursing Council of New Zealand (PDF, 337 KB)



PDF icon. Proposed Framework for Nurse Prescribing (PDF, 79 KB)

PDF icon. Consultation on the enrolled nurse and nurse assistant scopes of practice August 2009 (PDF, 110 KB)



PDF icon. Proposal to move treatment provider and registered health professional definitions into regulations; to amend existing definitions and add new definitions; and to amend the Accident Insurance (‘Counsellor’) Regulations 1999 (PDF, 71 KB)

PDF icon. Clinical Workforce to Support Registered Nurses Draft: 10 July 2008. (PDF, 87 KB)



Nurse Executives of New Zealand (NENZ) and NETS Joint Position Papers

Word icon. Partnership between the Nurse Education in the Tertiary Sector and Nurse Executives of New Zealand to prepare Work Ready Graduate Nurses (Word, 53 KB)

PDF icon. Work ready graduates (PDF, 17 KB)

PDF icon. Regulated and Unregulated Workforce (PDF, 39 KB)

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