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Nursing Education in NZ

nursing education.

Regulated Scopes of Practice and Education pathways

How to become a nurse

A number of educational institutions offer programmes that are accredited by the Nursing Council and lead to registration as either a registered nurse or as an enrolled nurse. The programmes are either a Bachelor of Nursing degree or a New Zealand Diploma in Enrolled Nursing.

Prospective students should contact the relevant educational institution to discuss the opportunities and entry criteria for nursing programmes.

Internationally Qualified Nurses (IQN)

Internationally qualified nurses who meet Nursing Council standards may apply to become registered to practice in New Zealand.

Nurses registered in Australia follow a different New Zealand registration process to those registered in other countries. 

Nurse Practitioner

Applicants for registration as a nurse practitioner must complete a Nursing Council accredited master’s degree programme - a structured programme of clinically focused taught courses. This master’s degree will enable students to have sufficient theory and clinical learning to meet the required knowledge, skills and attitudes required of a Nurse Practitioner.

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