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Nursing education

Nursing Education in New Zealand is delivered within the tertiary education sector. Education programmes that lead to registration within one of the regulated scopes of practice are monitored and audited by the Nursing Council of New Zealand.

What is the role of the Nursing Council of New Zealand in Nursing Education?

 The Nursing Council is responsible to the public of New Zealand for the registration of nurses, enrolled nurses and nurse practitioners.

The Nursing Council has an important role in setting standards for nursing education.  It prescribes the qualifications and the education standards for nursing programmes in each scope of nursing practice to ensure that graduates are well prepared and competent to meet the health care needs of New Zealanders. This also includes approving programmes for registered nurse prescribing 

Other work includes the approval of education programmes for nurses who wish to change the conditions in their scope of practice, and ensuring policies such as the clinical-hours requirement and programme length are met for individual nurses in the undergraduate programmes.

How can I apply to get into a programme?

Check the weblinks of NETS members to get information relevant to each institution about undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.  For nurses wishing to return to practice or internationally qualified nurses click here for more information. 

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