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Nursing Education in the Tertiary Sector (Aotearoa NZ).


To enact the operational plan.

To collaborate, share good practice and strategically disseminate information on issues significant to nursing and nursing education. 

To work as Te Tiriti/Treaty partners in all components of the constitution

To provide a forum for discussion and debate, to inform the development of policy

To provide a national forum for fostering nursing leadership and expertise for the development of the future nursing workforce.  

To be proactive in two-way communication, providing comment and advocacy on issues of strategic importance to nursing and nursing education with all national nursing organisations

To promote, participate in and/or commission, disseminate research related to nursing and nursing education


Wharangi Ruamano are recognised as a member of NETS and an elected Chair will attend each NETS meeting with waiving of the annual fee.

Member is open to Organisations with an identified role in Nursing Education in the tertiary education, Membership is confirmed based on written application, support from a NETS member, a majority vote and payment of the annual fee.


In each year an Annual General Meeting will be held during the last meeting of the year. The meeting shall:

Elect one representative from each regional network group appointed for a minimum of a two year term on rotational basis

Elect the National Chair and Treasurer

Endorse the Operational plan.

Receive the audited annual accounts for the year to the preceding 31 August and approve the auditor  

Conduct such other business as the members decide.         


The Executive consists of the three Regional Co-ordinators, Chair of Wharangi Ruamano, the National Chair/s, and Treasurer

Take a governance role in accordance with the operational plan

Select spokespersons from nominees to represent NETS as required

Liaise with appropriate organisations and key stakeholders.

Organise the Annual General Meeting and circulate an agenda at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting. 

Organise national meetings.

Regional coordinators will regularly communicate with regional networks and provide mentorship support for members in their region

Action other such matters as determined.


NETS reserve the copyright on all material funded and/or written on behalf of NETS

In any joint or partnership development of documents, ownership of copyright will be clearly identified at the outset


Each Institution or member group (including Wharangi Ruamano) shall be limited to one vote

Proxy votes will be accepted if provided in writing and dated

Representatives from specified organisations as determined from time to time by NETS shall be invited to attend the national meetings  

On matters where there is a vote taken, the majority constitutes two thirds (2/3) of the membership  



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